Everything You Wanted to Know About Contractor Exam Seminars

But didn't know to ask
We often have people ask if we still provide the “live seminars”. The short answer is no. We used  to offer those but we kept running into the same problems:

Burning Money

To go to a seminar means you’ve got to take time off work. Now I know sometimes that’s a good thing, but a lot of guys complained that the whole time they were there at the seminar, they weren’t making money.

A Room With A View

Then you’re herded into a hotel room with 20-30 other guys for 2 very long, 8-10 hour days. Somebody’s cell phone is always going off and if you happen to step out to catch a business call or just to use the restroom, you’ve missed whatever they covered in the class.

What? Huh? Can You Hear Me Now?

It always starts with that one guy who can’t hear what the instructor is saying. He’s usually the same guy who doesn’t have all the books, or didn’t bring the right edition books. You know the type “huh, wait, it doesn’t say that in MY book”

The questions!

So often guys think when they go to these seminars they can ask a bunch of questions. And some guys ask questions that make you wonder if they’ve ever been on a job site in their entire life. But the truth is, often times the instructor is just a high school teacher who’s been paid to deliver a presentation. The presentation is just showing you the answers for the test. There’s nothing to question. It doesn’t even matter if you know a much better way to do whatever it is they’re talking about. The bottom line is, if you want to get the answer right on your test, you just need to absorb what’s being presented.

What’s Next? Once you complete the cram course, what will you do next? Hopefully you’ve planned in advance and you can take your exam the next day while everything’s still fresh on your memory. But, are you sure you’re really ready? After all, you will have seen each question 1 time for just a couple of seconds. With over 1,600 questions over 2 very long days, it takes a really good memory to recall all those questions and remember which books they came from. The best thing you can do is to take a prep course that includes unlimited practice exams that model the real Contractor Exam. That way you can know for a fact when it’s time to pass your test.

The practice exams offered by My Contractor’s License are by far the best in the industry.