Can You Pass Your General Contractor Exam on Memory Alone?

Well, that depends. How good is your memory? Of course it has happened, in fact I know of 2 guys who purchased our prep course, and did not purchase the books, and they still passed the test.

But we have over 15,000 students, and they are the only 2 I’ve ever know to do that.

The problem is, even though the My Contractors License prep courses are very thorough, it’s just about impossible to memorize over 1,600 questions and answers. And even if you do, there’s another problem.

The testing company is PSI which stands for Psychological Services Inc. The exams are designed to be tricky, and designed so that many people will fail.

Here’s an example I use often. If someone calls in and says they are ready to take the exam and they’ve memorized all the questions, I ask them “What’s the joint compound drying time at 60 degrees and 60% humidity?” They usually get the answer right (29 hours). Then I ask them, but what if it’s 80 degrees and 20% humidity.

Silence, followed by “uhhhm”. Then I ask “where can you find that information”, which is usually followed by more silence.

It comes from a table in the Carpentry and Building Construction book on page 932. And if you don’t know where to find the answer, you’re going to have a very difficult time on your exam.

So be sure to use your books when you take your practice exams, and most of all, use your sorting chart.